Cell Motility in Dynamic Environments

“Cell Motility in Dynamic Environments” is the first of two MATRIX Research Programs, with the second being “Mathematics of Tissue Dynamics”.


This research program will specifically examine the intricate coupling between fluid mechanics, cell motility and active navigation, ubiquitous features of the microbial world. The participants will present novel mathematical and experimental approaches for studying cell dynamics in carefully controlled microenvironments, discussing mechanistic modelling frameworks which can extrapolate these features to larger scales, and ultimately, experimental platforms for validating bulk properties. This program will bring together researchers at all career stages, across various branches of mathematics (e.g. fluid dynamics, stochastic theory, continuum modelling, dynamical systems) and experimental sciences (e.g. microbiology, microbial ecology).



6th June 2022 – 10th June 2022



  • Dr. Douglas Brumley (University of Melbourne)
  • A/Prof. Jennifer Flegg (University of Melbourne)
  • Dr. Jean-Baptiste Raina (University of Technology Sydney)
  • Prof. Arezoo Ardekani (Purdue University)
  • Dr. Lars Behrendt (Uppsala University)


For further details, please seeĀ Cell Motility in Dynamic Environments.