1. Siluvai Antony Selvan

    Antony is a Joint Ph.D. student between the University of Melbourne (School of Mathematics and Statistics) and the University of Manchester (Department of Mathematics and Statistics), working under the supervision of Dr. Douglas Brumley, Prof. Linda Blackall, Prof. Peter Duck and Dr. Draga Pihler-Puzovic. His current work is on the Microscale fluid dynamics around coral […]

  2. Sarah Belet

    Sarah Belet was a MPhil student in the School of Mathematics, Monash University, and was supervised by A/Prof Jonathan Keith and Prof Jennifer Flegg. Her research looked at the spread of the bacteria Wolbachia within mosquito population as a means to suppress the spread of dengue fever.

  3. Thomas Williams

    Thomas is a PhD candidate under the supervision of A/Prof James Osborne and Prof James McCaw at the University of Melbourne. His work applies a temporospatial modelling approach to viral infections such as SARS-CoV-2 within tissue. An earlier project studied diffusion properties of carcinomas in cancer progression.

  4. Barry Hughes

    Barry was a professor at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne, after retiring in 2021. He has broad interests in applied mathematics and mathematical biology. Webpage:

  5. Christopher Baker

    Dr Christopher Baker is a Research Fellow who has joint position between the School of Mathematics and Statistics and the Centre of Biosecurity Risk Analysis in the School of BioSciences. Their research focusses on using mathematics to inform policy in biosecurity, ecology and epidemiology. Since joining The University of Melbourne in 2020, they have worked […]

  6. Douglas Brumley

    Dr. Douglas Brumley is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and leads an interdisciplinary research group at the interface of mathematics, biophysics and microbial Ecology. The Brumley lab utilises mathematics, microfluidics and microscopy to study a range of dynamic processes in biology including bacterial motility, symbioses, nutrient cycling and flows around coral reefs. Email: […]

  7. Edmund Crampin

    Professor Edmund Crampin joined the University in 2013, moving from New Zealand, as the Rowden White Chair of Systems Biology, a joint appointment between the School of Mathematics and Statistics and the School of Biomedical Engineering. He quickly become a beloved and respected member of the University community.¬†His educational background was in physics and mathematics, […]

  8. James McCaw

    Professor James McCaw is a Professor in Mathematical Biology in the School of Mathematics and Statistics and the Modelling and Simulation Unit, Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. His interests span from modelling host-pathogen-drug dynamics, with a focus on influenza and malaria, to developing public health control strategies for […]

  9. James Osborne

    James is an Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne. His work is at the interface between applied mathematics, scientific computing and biology: he uses mathematical and scientific computing techniques to develop reliable, robust and efficient simulations of multiscale biological and physiological phenomena. James has […]

  10. Jared M. Field

    Dr Jared M. Field is a McKenzie Fellow broadly interested in the intersection of mathematics, ecology and evolutionary biology. He is currently working on human life-history theory, Bayesian modelling of behaviour, and Indigenous Australian marriage rules and genetics. Webpage: Email:

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